Working with CHR Creative has been monumental to our cybersecurity and IT management. We began working with them after we had a ransomware incident, and within a year they were able to elevate our security profile status and help us get eligible to renew our cyber insurance policy coverage, which we would not have been able to renew without their expertise and direction. Their team has brought a breadth of experience and excellence across various fields of Information Technology, and they made themselves easily accessible and approachable. We appreciate the partnership we have with them and highly recommend them to anyone looking for effective and reliable cybersecurity services.

Lionel Roberts Information Tech Manager
Cedar Grove Composting

Working with CHR Creative has been a game changer for OMSI. They are prompt and reliable for our IT support and cybersecurity needs, which has been instrumental in reducing downtime and keeping our business running smoothly. CHR Creative's technical expertise and customer service sets them apart from other IT firms we've worked with. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and tailoring solutions accordingly has made a tremendous difference in the efficiency of our operations. If you're looking for a reliable and effective IT partner, I highly recommend CHR Creative.

Michael Alaniz Information Technology Manager
Oregon Museum of Science Industry

Enrolling in CHR Creative's Information Security Management and cybersecurity services has helped us by taking the mystery out of the daunting process, which is cybersecurity and compliance. The expertise they provide has allowed us to fully understand the necessary steps required to become more secure and to apply the best practices for cybersecurity services. They clearly understand the IT requirements needed to create a secure environment and have a game plan for how to get you there. If you're on the fence about choosing an IT firm, I highly recommend CHR Creative. They are easy to work with, and they have the expertise to answer all of your questions about what is required to create a cybersecurity-focused environment.

Mike VanDooren VP of Operations
Advanced Navigation and Positioning Company

Since having CHR take over our IT, the single biggest benefit has been the ability to call with any issue and receive prompt support, whether it's an application, hardware, or vendor issue. The team's ability to troubleshoot takes the stress away from us and allows us to focus on our day-to-day operations. We feel like we're the only client they have, and they consistently solve any problem that arises. Choosing CHR as your IT firm will be the easiest decision you make, and you'll learn to rely on them to help your company move forward.

Kari Brown Practice Administrator
Clackamas and Oregon Pediatrics

CHR is more like they are a part of the team instead of a “vendor”.  

Working with CHR Creative is like working with another member of our team. They have an excellent response rate and help manage initiatives that work for the company, including policies and compliance! CHR is big enough to have all the necessary resources, yet you still get that small-town feeling because they truly know you and your staff’s needs.

Judy Janssen  Finance Project Manager 
Volunteers of America Oregon

CHR – An IT Partner dedicated to making their clients successful

CHR Creative's local presence and expertise have allowed us to make informed decisions to enhance our  operations, which is a critical pillar for our significant growth. What sets them apart is their quick turnaround times and personable service. If you're on the fence about choosing an IT firm, I highly recommend CHR Creative. They are dedicated to making their clients successful and always prioritize their needs.

Charles Fitz Operations Manager 
Urban League of Portland

CHR’s customer service is unlike any other vendor we have worked with  

Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest has felt fully supported since switching to CHR Creative for our IT support because we know that any tech issues we face will be resolved quickly and efficiently. What sets CHR apart from other IT firms is their exceptional customer service. CHR has custom-built a client-centered culture that exists in everything they do, and that experience hand in hand with high-level specialists isn't something you'll find with another firm. You may be able to find a cheaper IT firm, but you will not find a better IT firm.

Erin Russell Smith Director of Operations 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest

An IT Partner that truly cares about your company and your success 

CMT Surveying and Consulting has been working with CHR for some time now and the biggest benefit we have experienced is the sense of security that they provide. After we suffered from a ransomware attack, CHR was able to get us out of the situation quickly and efficiently. In addition to their exceptional security services, what sets them apart from other IT firms is the relationship we have with our account manager. CHR is knowledgeable about our IT and works closely with us to come up with a plan that meets our needs financially while still providing us with strong security measures. We have enjoyed working with the entire CHR team, from the owner to the techs. We feel they truly care about our company and our success.

Shaun Fidler President
CMT Surveying and Consulting

CHR Creative - An Exceptional IT Partner for Your Business

Since having CHR Creative take over our IT and information security management, we have experienced numerous benefits that have positively impacted our organization. Their expertise is unmatched, and they are always easily accessible for troubleshooting and problem-solving. In addition, their customer-friendly approach has made it easy for us to communicate with them effectively.  

If you hire CHR, you will have a company with technical expertise that is easily accessible, personable, and works effectively to meet your needs. 

Kay Toran President/CEO
Volunteers of America Oregon